Nextand is a simple, elegant wireless charging stand for home or office. Put your Nexus 7 to work while it charges!


    Nexus Users Deserve Better Accessories!

      When we got our hands on the next gen Nexus 7 last fall, we were blown away by the quality of the hardware: fabulous display, easy to hold, and great SW integration. As long-time iPhone and iPad users, our next thought was “This is such a well-designed device — there must be a lot of cool accessories to go with it.” Many internet searches and trips to electronics stores later, we faced the sad truth that, compared to the galaxy of add-ons for iOS devices, the accessory universe for Nexus is a tiny neighborhood (with very few well-designed residents). 

      Nexus Users Deserve Better Functionality!

        After whining a bit about how Google could have done a better job with their wireless charger, we decided to make a better one ourselves. Rafi developed a simple, elegant design for the Nextand that provided key functions that we were looking for in a charger: 

        • Easy on, easy off (a.k.a “fiddle-free charging”): Just set the Nexus on the Nextand, and it starts charging. Put the tablet in portrait or landscape mode -- either way works. When you're ready to leave, just grab the Nexus and go -- no need to disconnect cords or cables. 
        • Keeps Nexus upright: Easily view photos, clock, to-do list, and other Android apps in either portrait or landscape while the Nexus charges.

        These seemingly small, but in practice significant, tweaks give the Nextand a significant advantage over current charging solutions. Wired chargers have fiddly connectors that can be hard to connect and disconnect quickly. Wireless chargers come in many sizes and shapes, but it’s hard to position the Nexus correctly on most of them. They also keep the Nexus flat on the table, in a position that makes it pretty much useless while it’s charging.

        Our prototype testers confirmed that the Nextand provided a vastly improved charging experience: 

        • Gene K., Williamsburg, VA.: “I really like that I don’t have to think about how I place my Nexus on the Nextand — it just works. I also have the Google wireless charger, which is nice and small, but I actually have to pick it up and center it on the back of my Nexus to make sure that it charges at all."
        • Mike R., Foster City, CA: ”I was surprised about how important having a stand for my Nexus is. Nextand gives my Nexus a permanent place on my desk, which gives it a more prominent place in my daily life. Nextand also lets me use my Nexus as an electronic picture frame, which is a nice bonus. Without the automatic charging, I never would have enabled the picture frame. With automatic charging, I have a nice bonus of a slideshow at my desk, and I never have to worry about the Nexus running out of power."

        Nexus Users Deserve Good Design!

        Getting these functional advantages was important, but we also wanted the stand to have strong aesthetic appeal. Here are some sample of the many, many sketches that led to the final design:

        We experimented with different materials and chose eco-friendly bamboo for its great looks and durability for the base...

        The Nextand:

        • Looks great at the office or at home.
        • Guides the Nexus 7 to optimal charging position.
        • Charges the tablet in landscape or portrait positions.
        • Lets you use your Nexus 7 as a digital picture frame or clock.
        • Has a simple, elegant design, with eco-friendly bamboo base.
        • Is easy to set up and use.

        Nexus Users Deserve a Personal Touch!

        We can personalize your Nextand with up to 18 characters of text. Anything ("safe for work") goes - names, quotes, mantras, campaign slogans, etc......

        Nexus Users Deserve Simple Set Up!

        Setting up your Nextand is easy:

        • Connect the Nextand's USB cable to your computer’s USB port or to a powered USB plug (i.e.— the kind that’s built into a wall or plugs into a wall outlet). 
        • Set the acrylic back into the bamboo base in either portrait or landscape orientation. Hint: the acrylic back has small cutouts on 2 sides to keep the back centered in the base.
        • Place your Nexus on the base.

        Nexus Users Deserve It Soon!